If Twitter Opened Its Office In Nigeria

Photo of Milford Sound in New ZealandPhoto of Milford Sound in New Zealand

If Twitter Opened Its Office In Nigeria

Twitter opens office in Nigeria.
Office cannot get an official line because Isa Pandemic has banned registration of new sims.
Lai Mohammed visits twitter office and strikes pose with staff, assures them of no interference from Government and proposes partnership.
#BuhariMustGo starts trending on Twitter and Lai Mohammed fines Twitter for allowing “mischievous hashtag on platform”
Sanwo-Olu receives staff in Lagos State Government House, assures them of enabling business environment.
The next day Lagos State Government launches Ekomedia, a social media for Lagos people only to connect and write their thoughts.
Another anti government hashtag trends on Twitter and DSS raids twitter office and mysteriously finds several millions of dollars wrapped with PDP envelopes.
EFCC begins to investigate Twitter Nigeria staff over monies mysteriously found by DSS agents.
CCT asks twitter staff to declare assets.
Lai Mohammed accuses Twitter of working with opposition to disrupt democracy in Nigeria.
Northern Senator proposes a bill to ban twitter from Nigeria.
Twitter Office is sealed by EFCC. CSOs protest in front of National Assembly. #FreeTwitter
Tinubu proposes that Nigeria should create its own social media and employ 50 million Nigerians to work in the company.
Yahaya Bello says twitter is bad for Nigeria’s political space. Says it’s for yahoo boys and criminals.
Atiku condemns the attack on twitter office.
Osinbajo says twitter should not be banned but regulated(after it has been banned)
Ben Ayade says he has never used a phone that can download twitter in his life before because he’s not a slave to technology.
FFK supports Yahaya Bello, says twitter is from the anti christ.
Wike says he will still keep using Twitter, says nothing will happen.
End of thread.

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

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