Ka3na Drag Uche Ebere Over Commenting And Referring Her Achievements To “Cheap”

Photo of Milford Sound in New ZealandPhoto of Milford Sound in New Zealand

Ka3na Drag Uche Ebere Over Commenting And Referring Her Achievements To “Cheap”

One of the most popular brand influencer, Ka3na Jones of recent condemn Nollywood actress, Uche Ebere for attacking her achievements in life so far.


The Boss Lady had taken to Instagram to list her achievements as she brags of owning two houses in her 20s.

In reaction, Uche Ebere called her attention to the fact that youths who are still struggling will feel pressured as she further called her so-called achievements fake.


The Nollywood actress wrote;

”Anybody that comes online to brag about her achievements at certain ages, whether it’s true or false shows how shallow your mentality is, stop pressurizing young people with your cheap/instagram lies, most of your mates are dead, stop that rubbish and get wisdom,”

Ka3na debunk the Actress comment by posting;

”Some people will hate you just because your strength reminds them of their weakness, don’t let them slow you down. You can’t make your reality another person’s life. We are blessed by grace not by choice. I worked hard smart and built my empire at a young age. Is no ones fault if you lacked wisdom as a young person chasing fame that never came madam rest ijn!

Times have changed and will continue that way, as a mother your concentration should be praying for your children to make it big not making efforts to destroy another woman’s child who has work hard to make her community proud.

You wish me bad I wish you double! You’re a disgrace to motherhood coming on social media to wish another woman’s child death. I return it back to you in double folds! You can’t wish someone evil and expect to be successful!

As a mother seeing young people progress should gladdens your heart but no! You’re blinded by your failure in your career. Receive peace!!! I pray you live long enough to see all the houses I will buy and build more.”

"You are a disgrace" - Ka3na slams Uche Ebere for calling her achievements 'cheap lies'

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

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